Every month, our friends at Sharpening Character choose a verse for us to memorize and create a high-quality VersePic of that verse! VersePics are custom built to allow for great flexibility and can be used on any device, giving you an incredible tool for memorizing or meditating on scripture! We’ve integrated Sharpening Character’s VersePics page below, so it will be automatically updated to give you the five newest VersePics.

Each VersePic has two variations: The 4:3 Tablet version is great for desktops, laptops, or tablets, while the 1:1 Phone version is built for taller displays, such as those found on phones and small tablets. Whatever your device, you can be sure that the VersePic you choose will display beautifully!

For more information, or to check out their expansive collection of VersePics on their site, go to